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Use Your CPF Hours

to Learn a Language

What is the CPF?

The CPF (Professional Training Account) is a universal right to training for anybody working in France.


If you work in France, you cumulate up to 24 hours of training per year for the first 5 years you work and later 12 hours per year.


Since January 1st, 2019, your total number of hours has been transformed to a budget in Euros. The conversion rate is now at 15€ / hours.


You may use your CPF hours to learn a language, as long as the training center is CPF qualified and the training period, certifiable.

At AFS France, we recommend you take a language test after your training period in order for your training to be eligible for CPF funding. We offer the following language tests:

  • Lilate (French, English, etc.)

  • BRIGHT (French, English, etc.)



  • BEST (Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry)



Our Offers

Ready to use your CPF hours to learn a foreign language? Contact us for quality, expert advice and assistance. We will help you set up your CPF account. Then, depending on the total number of hours you have cumulated, we put together a custom-made training program, suited to your needs and availabilities. For example, if you only have 20 hours of CPF training, why not try a blended learning package including face to face lessons with a teacher, telephone lessons and access to an e-learning platforme?

We can also offer similar solutions to companies. Face to face lessons or blended learning solutions for groups.

Our solutions have no limits. For the past 30 years, we have been adapting and creating learner-centered training programs.

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